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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Great app for cats
byFlick0304 - Nov 9, 2013
Our cat dandelion loved playing this game and kept him entertained much longer than expected. Superb app and would recommend to any cat lover! Sadly dandelion was run over and his injuries were so bad we had to put him down, but I am sure he will be there playing his celestial iPad.

byBezo93 ;-) - Sep 4, 2012
My cats absolutely love it! They won't always play with it, but that's just cats - if I take it away, and show it to them again later, they usually play with it the second time. The fish is by far the favourite, and it is so funny watching my kitten playing with it! A screen protector is essential though, or you will end up with a badly scratched screen.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Give me my iPad back, please
byKimmiotta - Apr 20, 2014
We have two cats. The hunter will not even look at this app. The lounger is obsessed with it (and, as a result, the iPad in general). She will dig under it, dig on it, and turn it over when I'm playing a game or reading an ebook. As soon as I turn this game on for her, she starts purring. She'll fall asleep on it, but she also likes playing the game. The fish and mice are her favorite. She also liked the chicken from a previous version. She loves the app. I'd like my iPad back.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Amazing!!! ???????? 
byWilliamCaxton - Aug 21, 2013
Both of my cats adore this game! At first I thought that the people who made games like this just had too much time on their hands, but now I spend hours on end watching my cats tap at my iPad. This is worth the 99 cents I paid for it. It is amazing! ?? My cats love the fish, mouse, feather,NAND crinkle ball the most. The spider is kinda creepy though, and the bird and dog ones are really cheesy and scare one of my cats. And I don't get the dog one. I mean, why are they flying and why the dynamite? Other than that, this game is awesomely addicting, for both human and cats alike. I would absolutely love it though if you added a realistic sparrow one, or one with a realistic honey bee.?? (Pleeeeeaaase consider those!)?? It's the cat's meow!??


This game gets 2 paws up!! 
bySkeptEthicist - Jun 27, 2012
My cats have a few iPad cat game apps but this one blows the others out of the water! Now we have to fight over who gets to use the iPad; them or me! Love the charity-tie in as well, as helping out our furry little friends in need is always a good decision!