Back to work on updating Cat Games 3D for Cats and Kittens

Sorry for the delay in the update. We were finishing up our latest project. This time a game for humans :)  If you are interested go check it out. Zombie Bomb Splode Available for iPhone, iPad, Mac OS and Windows PC.

Back To Cat Games 3D for Cats and Kittens. We are adding a bird flocking game and we are very excited to see how all of your kitties react to the newly added game. With that said we will be increasing the cost of the in-app purchase (If you already purchased you will not be effected). This increase will be due to the extreme amount of work that has been needed to implement this bird flocking game as well as adjusting the cost based on our competitors who still manage to charge $4.99 for different colored mice!!!??? *eyeroll. Please bear with us while we continue to test and work on this upcoming update. You haven't been forgotten :)

Michael Cozzolino