about us

We are Big Monk Games. A small independent game developer in Saratoga County NY. We develop for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and  iPod Touch) as well as Windows PC. We got our start with our successful game for cats called "Cat Games" developed for cats to play on their owners iPad which you can find HERE. We have games for you hoomans too that you can get HERE. We then created another cat game called "Cat Games String Toys" that you can find HERE.

Now we are in deep development of what we think will be the best cat game for iPad in existence. Unlike our previous cat games this soon to be released game will be 3D instead of 2D and boast 24 different games  for cats to play. 

The game will also be free with some games and to get the additional games there will be an in-app purchase available. This way you can make sure your kitty likes this sort of thing before paying for anything.

We here at Big Monk Games love animals and have routinely donated a portion of our earnings to an area animal shelter Mohawk Hudson Humane Society. We also created shelter for the feral cats outside of our offices. (Learn how to do the same